Boston Homes
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House lore

According to public record, merchant Elijah S. Curtis paid the City of Boston $540 for an empty lot at 5 Haven St. in August 1830. The origin of the building, however, is a bit murkier. Some people speculate that the house was built on site between1830 and 1832.


The dissonance between the high Roxbury shale foundation and wooden support beams on the garden level supports the notion that the house was relocated in 1830 from either a field now known as Blackstone Square or from a patch of land further along Washington Street.


In its past life, the dwelling could have been used as a tavern or as a single-family home. Laid out during the early 1830s, Haven Street predates the landfill that made the South End’s grid and overall park system possible during the 1840s and 1850s.