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Celestial navigation

In the GPS age, steering a ship by the stars can seem like a mystical lost art. How did ships possibly manage to cross huge expanses of ocean and still make their intended landfall? What do you actually see when you look through a sextant? What do latitude and longitude really represent? Spend Saturday morning with the USS Constitution Museum’s public historian and expert navigator Carl Herzog to explore the mysteries behind celestial navigation. Learn about the skills that ship captains relied on and hear about the difficulties ships faced in the eras before GPS. This program at the museum takes place from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, June 22. For more information, visit

Berklee concert series

The Berklee College of Music’s “Summer in the City” free concert series is now underway. Music ranges from jazz to classical, Latin to funk and folk to world. They will perform at the Charlestown Navy Yard (1 Constitution Rd.) at 6 p.m. on Thursdays from June 28 through Aug. 2. Visit for more information.

Cambodian ceramics

Bunker Hill Community College, 250 New Rutherford Ave., is displaying “One Artist’s Journey: Reclaiming the Lost Tradition of Cambodian Ceramics,” works by Yary Livan, now through June 30 at the Mary L. Fifield Gallery. Livan is a surviving master of traditional Cambodian ceramics and kiln building, which date back to the sixth century. His work draws on a rich heritage including influences from ancient imperial Khmer kiln sites such as Angkor Wat, and incorporates traditional Cambodian imagery and relief carving. His ceramic pieces are highly regarded for their historical integrity and artistic merit and have been displayed in exhibits throughout the U.S. and Cambodia. Livan is recognized as one of only three master ceramists to have survived the genocide of the Pol Pot regime, and is the only one known to be living in the United States. He has led numerous workshops, completed a three-year residency with Harvard University and taught at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. As a NEA National Heritage Fellow, he continues to teach and exhibit regionally, nationally and internationally. . Call 617-228-2093 or visit for more information.