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Comfort and design blend on Fleet Street



Overwhelmed by too-big, too-tall, too-sleek condos with antiseptic interiors and astronomical fees? Come home to Unit 402 at 50 Fleet St. on the Waterfront. It offers the picture-perfect antidote to all of the above: classic comfort, contemporary convenience, tasteful design and decor, and a mere $577.64/month association fee that includes deeded garage parking and storage.


Built in 2006 by Sea-Dar Construction and designed by DiMella Shaffer, both of Boston, this eight-unit boutique building blends the classic brick of its historic North End and Waterfront neighborhoods with modern corner- view bay windows, balconies and open-concept floor plans. This old/new balance is fully realized in the 1,686-square-foot, three-bedroom Unit 402 – kudos to out-of-towners coming in with fresh ideas: San Diego interior


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